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Urujyu Kintsugi Workshop

Urushi (lacquer) is used in the traditional Kintsugi technique; as a simplified

technique epoxy resin is also being used in modern days.


Traditional Kintsugi Workshop (with lacquer)

・To get an idea of the complete process at least 3 two hours sessions are


・3-10 days are recommended, if you wish to have a longer course please

  kindly contact.

・Fee: 10,000yen per session + 1 set of material & tool (10,000yen or 15,000yen)

・Please note that some people may have allergic responds to direct contact

with natural lacquer, gloves are provided in the workshop.


Simplified Kintsugi Workshop (with epoxy resin)

・Repairing can be completed in 1 session.

・material and tools are provided for the workshop.

・Fee: 3,500yen

Web Workshop(skype or Messenger)

・You can require a per session 30min.

・Fee:2,500yen per session + 1 set of material & tool (10,000yen or 15,000yen)


KINTSUGI Material & Tool Set

・Kintsugi Basic set 3,500yen(small amount material only. powder finish)

・Kintsugi Standard set 10,000yen(powder finish)

・Kintsugi Advance set 15,000yen( polish finish)

*For Traditional Kintsugi Workshop Standard or Advance set are required



・Shino-cho nannjyo20-14,Kameoka-shi,Kyoto




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